Truthy and Falsy values :

let x;

x = 1; // x is a number

x = ‘1’; // x is a string

x = [1]; // x is an array

Seemingly different values equate to true when compared with

== (loose or abstract equality) because JavaScript (effectively) converts each to a string representation before comparison:

// all true

1 == ‘1’;

1 == [1];

‘1’ == [1];

A more obvious false result occurs when comparing with === (strict equality) because the type is considered:

// all false

1 === ‘1’;

1 === [1];

‘1’ === [1];

Null Vs Undefined…

What is React

· React is a flexible ,efficient , open-source Javascript liabrary

· It was developed by facebook back in 2013 for building user interfaces (Front end)

· Facebook software engineer Jordan Walke Created it.

Why React ?

· It allows us to create a complex UI by making components (small & isolated prices of code )

· Components are reusable

· Load fast

· External plugin

· Around 45% of world’s website use React.

· Major bands like facebook, instagram , Airbnb , dropbox using React.


When you are about to develop a web application that…

Call stack : JavaScript can do one single thing at a time because it has only one call stack. The call stack is a mechanism that helps the JavaScript interpreter to keep track of the functions that a script calls. Every time a script or function calls a function, it’s added to the top of the call stack. Every time the function exits, the interpreter removes it from the call stack .A function either exits through a return statement or by reaching the end of the scope.

Cross browser testing : Cross browser testing means to test website or a…

javascript is an object-oriented programming language. it's a high-level programming language. As a multi-paradigm language, JavaScript supports event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles. It has application programming interfaces (APIs) for working with text, dates, regular expressions, standard data structures, and the Document Object Model (DOM). There are many types of javascript.

  1. array
  2. string
  3. function
  4. number
  5. boolean etc.


there are some important string like : charAt, concat, includes, endsWith, indexOf, lastIndexOf, replace, slice, split, startsWith, substr, toLowercase, toUppercase, trim, trimStart, trimEnd

>charAt is used for finding a word in the line by giving an integer input

>concat: The concat() method…

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